CDR Companies provides engineering consulting, financial consulting, health care and lab services, and emergency management to communities across the country.

With innovation that has been recognized nationally by two Presidential Design awards, our firm has handled construction projects totaling upwards of $2 billion, $10 billion in disaster recovery, and over $600 million is disaster health and medical response.

It’s not simply project output that has ranked CDR Companies as one of the Top 500 Engineering Firms and Top 500 Design Firms, but our hands-on approach to our clients that provides them better response times, faster completion schedules, and peace of mind.



Each of our clients has direct access to all CDR resources at the national, state, and local level. Every challenge or concern is met with urgent attention and resolved using the full capabilities of our firm.

Organized into five major subsidiaries – Engineering, Emergency Management, Health, Labs, and Medical Financial Services – we have spent over 80 years pioneering delivery solutions and technologies, making us industry leaders in the markets we serve.


We are trailblazers in engineering, emergency management and healthcare, pivoting to provide innovative solutions that benefit communities all around the US.



Since its founding in 1938, CDR Companies, formerly known as CDR Maguire, has developed a reputation built on ingenuity, trust, and a successful track record of adapting our products and services to our changing world. It’s through our inventive multidisciplinary approach that we have helped the country overcome challenges from major natural disasters to the global pandemics.

Emphasizing response time

Whether it’s overseeing the deployment of field hospitals or getting faster reimbursements for clients after a disaster, speed of execution is crucial to our success. We are a solution-focused firm with an emphasis on responsiveness and commitment to on-time project delivery.

Integrating multiple systems

Fresh challenges require fresh approaches, which is why our multidisciplinary workforce is always ready to bring their unique expertise to every problem. Our innovative use of resources allows CDR to streamline processes and technologies to provide more efficient services.


CDR values all its clients and puts equal emphasis on all projects. We take an individualized, hands-on approach, so every client has access to the full extent of our resources and capabilities.